Cutting Torch Guide Tool

  • Oxy-Acetylene and Plasma Cutting Torch Guide Tool
  • Precise Straight Line Cuts on Steel Plate
  • Square 90 Degree Cuts with Base Unit
  • Bevel Attachments for Oxy-Acetylene and Plasma
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
Base Unit

Base Unit

Oxy Bevel Attachment

Oxy Bevel Attachment

Plasma Bevel T Handle

Plasma Bevel Attachment Shown with a T/Lever Handle

Torchtec Torch-cutting Guide Tool is an aid in the Oxyacetylene and Plasma torch cutting process. Designed for cutting straight lines, it precisely controls the distance of the flame to the metal while holding torch vertical. It can be used with a straight-edge or free-hand to make cuts so clean that less grinding is needed. Plasma, and Bevel attachments are available.