Torch Guide Tools and Kenworth Hood Hinge Pins

Torchtec torch guides are designed to take the place of Heavy, Bulky Track Burners and Magnetic Squares. Designed and built by a retired welder who spent a lifetime, on the road, building America. Light and small it will fit in a Welders Bucket. Every gang-box sent to the job site should have one. Back in the Fab Shop, you can grab it and cut out your project in the same time it would take just to set up a track-burner. Burning squares don't stick to stainless steel and tend to move on carbon steel, plus they are heavy and don't hold a torch tip vertical or control distance of flame to metal.

How to Use Your Torchtec Torch Guide

Base Guide Unit

Insert the tip of your Oxy-acetylene torch in to the straight cut attachment and tighten with thumb screw. Adjust the vertical standoff height and tighten the wing nut. If you're using a straightedge (angle iron, channel iron, or whenever you have laying around), clamp it to the plate and follow the straight edge with the side rollers. If you're cutting freehand, follow a soapstone line. Start on the edge of the plate at either end.

Bevel Attachments

Oxy Bevel Attachment

Same as above, then adjust to the desired angle and tighten.

Plasma Bevel Attachment

Same as above but first you need to fit your torch to the Plasma attachment using the two 1/4" x 28 thread set screws and 1/4" x 20 thumb screw. Keep set screws inward. Tighten hardware.

Made with CNC and Manual Machined lightweight Aluminum components and Lathe Cut Brass wheels, Torchtec Guides make cutting plate easy. Patent applied for.