Cutting Torch Guide Tool

Torch Guide Product Overview

Our latest video. View our current product line. See Torchtec Torch Guides cutting steel plate.

Cutting Torch Guide Tool Demo

The very first video. Good example of cutting freehand.

Torch Guide Products Demo

Older video. We have upgraded our product since this video.

Have you ever wanted to make Plasma Torch Cutting or Oxyacetylene Torch Cutting easier? Torchtec Torch Guide Tool is used to help you cut perfect, straight lines by controlling the stand-off distance between the flame and the metal while rolling smoothly on both the surface on which you are working as well as the straight-edge that the side rollers follow. You will do less grinding on your projects. We have accessories available for Bevel Plasma Torch Cutting and Bevel Oxyacetylene Torch Cutting.